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We Affectionately Call this Project: 

"The RCWF"

The Rock County Wind Fuel Project 

Because we care about the entire community

Since purchasing the Agri-Energy production facility in 2010, Gevo has invested over $70 million to add new biofuel and animal feed production capability.  Implementing these new capabilities wasn’t easy but we have stuck with it through these years.  Our biobased jet fuel has now been flown in multiple commercial flights and our isooctane has been used in European high-end racing.  

Gevo is continuing the commitment to Luverne and Rock County by investing in the future of low carbon fuels.  This includes using local, sustainable corn, using renewable electricity, and using biogas from livestock manure. 


This particular project is for our Luverne, Minnesota plant, situated in Rock County.  The Rock County Wind Fuel project (“RCWF”) will initially be a 5 MW wind energy generating facility, with the potential to possibly grow to an output capacity of 12.5 MW with the addition of further wind and/or engine combined heat and power generating equipment.

Juhl Energy Development, Inc. (“Juhl”) is the project developer. The project will allow Gevo, Inc. and its Luverne, MN-based subsidiary, Agri-Energy, LLC, to decarbonize its production of bio-based products such as ethanol or isobutanol, and to reduce its overall cost of energy. This project will also assist in enhancing Gevo profitability by allowing it to produce ethanol for low-carbon markets such as California, where profit margin opportunities exist under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standards, also known as the LCFS.


The Project utilizes two General Electric’s 2.5 MW wind turbine technology. Energy production from the Project will be directly interconnected to Gevo’s facility so that the electrical energy can be used internally at their facility, and it is expected that any excess electrical energy will be transmitted and sold to another local corporate purchaser or the local municipal utility. The Rock County Wind Fuel project will economically blend electricity from clean renewable sources into Gevo’s production facility.   


The project design allows for the inclusion of a natural gas engine combined heat and power (CHP) system that would fill in to meet Gevo’s plant loads during times that the wind turbines were not producing enough electricity to meet plant needs.  Since the Gevo plant has an ongoing need for steam as part of its operations, the CHP system would sell both electricity and steam to Gevo in a balanced highly efficient system.

We believe this project will allow us to lower costs, generate clean and reliable energy, add jobs, and eventually assist with the management of manure and nutrients.